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From The Alive to the Depleting .

A collection that pays tribute to the Amazon Rainforest and celebrates it‘s natural beauty before we loose it all to mankind.

The new collection of SS23 is a collection the founder had previously designed as her college submission. The collection is called ‘SALVE’ which means ‘SAVE’ and is inspired by the Amazon Rainforest. While the world was in a crisis of Covid, an entirely different situation was created for our endangered species.

In 2021, global warming and deforestation hit rock bottom and depleted almost 17% of the forest. It’s predicted that by the end of 2030 due to climate change, global warming, mining, cattle ranching, and forest fires, we will lose this natural habitat and a home to 2.5 million species. Collection Salve is a tribute to the rainforest in glory to celebrate its beauty before we lose it all to mankind.

We humans are responsible for such damages and maybe we cannot undo what has been done, but through this collection, we aim to send a message to save what is left and bring about an awareness of what is happening in our society. The collection has different floral prints, natural fabrics, and silhouettes that are feminine with a juxtaposition of masculinity, vibrant and summer hues.

Written by,

Mihika Agarwal

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