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About Me.U

Theories of Wardrobe Therapy


Founder: Mihika Agarwal

Introducing ME to YOU!

The brand ‘Me.U’ stands for the short form of its founder, Mihika Agarwal. The purpose of the name also represents the concept of the brand, from Me ( the brand) to you ( the consumer). The brand believes in taking fashion as more than just an outlook transformation and enhancing the concept of storytelling through clothes. The founder is a graduate fashion designer from Milan, Italy, and hence understands the drive of fast fashion today and aims to create a brand that is more fashion-driven, creative, and purposeful knowledge is delivered to the consumers. The brand's tagline ‘ Theories of wardrobe therapy’ is specifically used to depict the brand's concept of fashion on the inside. Wardrobe therapy is a concept that believes fashion can be therapeutic and bring out one’s true emotions. Through our brand, we encourage women to feel comfortable and beautiful in any shape, size, color, and form and express themselves with what’s within on the outside. Me.U also wants to deliver knowledge of what fashion is all about. It’s more than just clothes. We want our consumers to be a part of our journey and know the story and purpose behind a print, a fabric, a color, and a collection. Every season we aim to bring about a new collection with a social message that you and I together can help cause a change. 

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